About us

Allure people to enjoy VR more

We are fanatics of virtual reality. It is our strong belief that you will be amazed too, once you meet the right one. That is what we do. We build a reality where you never want to leave. Yes, the right one! Reality Reflection creates the most immersive and fun to play VR games so everyone also falls in love with this newest sensation!
Power overwhelming!

But it just takes more than skill and power

We are what we create. Our works reflect us from real life. We are engineers, artists, marketers and game designers. But building the right one takes a lot more than your skill sets. So more importantly, we are gamers, creators, pranksters and ​geeks. Reality Reflection designs a whole-new-universe at the intersection of technology, curiosity and quirky ideas.
Do the work?

we play the work!

​In Reality Reflection, work is like playing games. Each day we encounter new challenges to tackle and new quests to conquer. Along with friendly and well-equipped teammates, we crash all the obstacles on our great mission: spreading the enchantment of virtual reality!